Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Westchester Bathroom Renovation

Photos from a recently completed bathroom renovation in Westchester, NY

Arch Top Window and new Cathedral Ceiling

Photo after renovation showing the arched glass panel at the Tub Enclosure

An existing Laundry Chute becomes an entry ledge.

Concept sketch of Master Bath, even smaller than the Hall Bath. Here, a new barrel-vaulted ceiling and arch top window articulate and open the space

Concept Sketch of Hall Bathroom showing proposed cathedral ceiling, skylight, and new arch top window. The floor area of the bathroom was very limited, so a cathedral ceiling was used to bring a sense of spaciousness and natural light into the room.

'Before' phtograph of Hall Bathroom-badly in need of remodeling

View of the Master Bath Barrel Vault under construction (within the Shower enclosure)